How it works: Attorney

What kind of work can I do?

You can find almost any job you can imagine. We have jobs ranging from product delivery to website development. At, you can find a variety of jobs that are right for you.

Just complete your profile and tell us your skills so we can find the right jobs for you.


How it works


Register on the platform with the required information.

Wait for approval

Our staff will see your registration request and will approve it later.

Bid or Wait

You can bid on projects to be hired or wait for them to enter your profile and hire you directly.

Secure deposit

When the client deposits the agreed amount, you will be able to start the project.

Money release

Once the project is completed the client will be responsible for releasing the funds that are within the platform.


The platform keeps 20% of the total amount for the service provided.

Frequent asked questions

Absolutely not!

We are not an an attorney or a law firm. Nefelex is a marketplace that connects users with professionals. The contractual relationships of the legal service will be between the professional and the customer.

Nefelex provides a technological platform to make business relationships between professionals and customers easier.

Completely! Only lawyers, legal advisors, auditors, accountants and consultants with +3 years of experience can register on our platform, which we check one by one. We do not release the funds until the job is complete.

The one you choose! In Nefelex there are only professionals with +3 years of experience, you can see their information before hiring them to.

We are a San Francisco-based legaltech startup, we started as an all-in-one management tool for law firms, and now we have become the first global legal marketplace for founders.

You can hire the attorney / legal advisor / accountant who made the incorporation for you, or look for another on our platform, we will help you so that you are always supported by a professional.

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