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What is Nefelex?

In Nefelex we help you to hire legal services from professionals around the world easily and without moving from home. And we make it possible for lawyers to provide their services online.

Why do you keep having long meetings with lawyers, when you can hire services such as company incorporations or trademark registrations with a few clicks?

We make easy what before was complicated, instead of having to call several companies for quotes and have meetings with them, now you can easily hire the services online at a closed price.

We are a legaltech startup based in San Francisco and London, member of Global Legal Tech Hub.

From Saas software to Marketplace

We started as a management software for lawyers, but after receiving a lot of feedback from lawyers, we discovered that what they really need is a platform to provide their services to their clients online.

That is why we have pivoted our model and now we are the first marketplace on demand for legal services.

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Some media talking about us:

Incubators & Programs

Legal Innovation Zone-Ryerson University

Ycombinator Startup School

500 Startups Miami Founder Bootcamp

TheVentureCity’s Product-Led Growth Week

Founder University-Launch

Global Legaltech Hub

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